New Hope For Life Ministries Uganda

About us

Our history

My name is Kubanja Johnbosco. In 2015 I started the New Hope for life ministries Uganda organization with 10 kids, 3 girls and 7 boys. At the the beginning things were not easy since I had sacrificed in doing the work of the Lord.


In 2017 the number of kids increased to a total of 25 kids the situation we were in that time was more worse because getting what to eat was difficult.


Fortunately in 2018 we got a sponsor and helped us with paying our rent the all of that year.


In 2019 the ministry had 46 kids whose getting daily food, education, water and shelter was problem.


Unfortunately by the end of 2019 we lost one kid due to typhoid because we failed to pay the medical bills, we now have 48 kids at the ministry but their survival is being facilited by our dear brothers and sisters though we also carry out some farming activities but it's not enough to feed the all children.

Our mission

We exist to raise the next generation of African leaders by pursuing excellence in academic and practical skills, integrity in conduct and moral values, so that each one becomes a responsible Christian and a productive citizen.

Foundational objectives
  • To teach the orphans about Jesus Christ and lead them to accept/recognize Him as their Lord and Savior.

  • To provide health care to vulnerable orphans.

  • To provide education to vulnerable orphans.

  • To provide empowerment projects to people in need.

  • To provide psycho-social counseling to orphans and victims of the war

    • especially those from the Northern part of Uganda.

  •  To provide orphans with a safe hygienic and family environment for their physical and spiritual development.

  •  To create a loving and caring environment in which the orphans and abandoned children can feel loved and cared for.

  •  To provide free education to the children through local schools, free food on a daily basis,as well as clothes

Our achievements

We have been blessed by caring for many "street children" and orphans. And now many prosper academically, working well thanks to our support and spiritual guidance. (We are discovering that some of them are very good at preaching the gospel)